Just finished 4x05 of teen wolf

And I keep saying to my sister “I TOLD YOU! Parrish is supernatural!”

I just knew Jeff was giving him extra screen time last season for something. He had to be more involved. I just had a feeling he wasn’t all innocent.

And being drawn there?? Come on. I knew it and I’m so happy I was right.

Give me august 18 now now now!!

On the side note… Derek bby don’t worry everything will be fine.

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 10:50pm


fact: deputy parrish is on the dead pool list because of his supernatural beauty.

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 10:41pm


Jeff Davis should have a contest. Whoever guesses what Jordan Parrish is gets the 5 million dollars and Ryan Kelley.

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 10:41pm
Deputy Parrish’s supernatural ability


deputy Parrish is on the benefactor’s list


all the people on the list are some sort of supernatural

the actor who plays Parrish is Ryan Kelley


Ryan Kelley played Ben Tennyson in Ben 10: Alien Swarm


Ben Tennyson is a boy who can transform into aliens


Parrish is an alien


Tuesday Jul 7 @ 10:40pm
Jordan Parrish


Or you know if you’re fucking supernatural!

Worth 5.000.000? Like he’s gotta be something sick. Like a a fairy or an alien? :’D

I will say fairy!!

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 10:40pm
Me and my brother after 405
  • Me: So what do you think Parrish is?
  • Him: I don't know. We're dealing with so many different creatures this season.
  • Me: Yeah but only were creatures. Shape-shifters.
  • Him: He's probably a werehandsome.
Tuesday Jul 7 @ 10:38pm
  • 911: what's your emergency?
  • me: derek hale smiled and parrish is a supernatural creature
Tuesday Jul 7 @ 10:37pm


what do u mean this is not what happened

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 10:33pm

I might have missed Teen Wolf yesterday but having a marathon of Melissa and Joey makes up for it.

In 30 minutes I will watch what I have missed though.
I hear all sort of things from last mighty episodes I have not dared to look at Facebook, Instagram, and tumblr. Which was why I will exit the app the moment I post this.

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 05:01pm

You…you told me once that you weren’t a heroUmm…
There were times I didn’t even think you were human, but let me tell you this. You were the best man, the most human…human being that I’ve ever k n o w n.”

Sunday Jul 7 @ 09:44am
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